What is the International Film Distribution Summit?

The cinema industry is generally in a fundamental upheaval. How can independent film distributors find sustainable ideas for their distribution work and audience development? The International Film Distribution Summit on Oct 17th and 19th, 2023 in Cologne brings together top-class players from all over the world who will present their successful concepts, best practices and innovations and discuss them with the participants. The IFDS relies on exchange, networking and wants to give new impetus for future release strategies. Furthermore the summit is also intended to convey the value of the creative and forward-looking efforts of distributors within the film industry and how important a new, fresh start will be in 2024.

Initial position

The film industry as a whole is well connected both nationally and internationally. However, the film distribution industry in particular lacks opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking. The transfer of know-how on the distributors’ side​​ is a worthwhile investment, and due to national border delimitation, there is no risk involved from a competitive point of view. The IFDS wants to enable a view beyond the German borders. What impulses, innovations and ideas have colleagues abroad developed to make independent cinema (again) attractive to the audience?

Program & speakers

International distributors will present innovative approaches and fresh ideas in terms of distribution work and audience development. The participants of the summit should leave with innovative ideas, best practices and first-hand concepts, while also benefiting from the professional follow-up of the conference.

Who does the IDS address?

The International Film Distribution Summit is an international platform for everyone involved in film distribution in a broader sense. Distribution companies and innovation drivers such as vertically integrated film companies or agencies from all over the world should come together to discuss and exchange ideas and strategy models. This platform also offers the opportunity to look for international cooperation and alliances in the film distribution sector, which will also stimulate the German film market.